Head of Customer Experience

Excelon Associates

Excelon Associates is seeking a Head of Customer Experience for a great new opportunity in the New York City area.

  • Salesforce Admin License +
  • Call Center experience - high volume
  • Love Analytics - technologist
Head of Customer Experience
Our client is obsessed with giving the low-income community with chronic illnesses a VIP, concierge “Ritz Carlton” experience in their usually frustrating personal care services journey. We believe if people get an exceptionally caring experience over the long term in their health care services, it will bring them more happiness which will improve their health condition, which means longer, happier, and healthier lives.
Head of Customer Experience is the leader in the org who represents the company’s vision and operationalizes it via best-in-class operational excellence and best-in-class people leadership and culture. He/she owns all operations which are client-facing and is focused on tracking and constantly improving the experience our clients have. Most of our solutions are learned and tracked through data so you should love tracking and analyzing the numbers, partnering with Customer Experience leads and managers, and creating clarity on those metrics with all Customer Experience.
We are the trailblazers in this journey so you should be highly curious about learning things and making them better. There is no textbook to copy from. Most of our solutions are tech solutions, so you’re ideally a technologist who is up to date with the latest tech and understands the power of tech and ideally Salesforce.com. We advertise heavily using radio, TV, and digital methods, so familiarity with impact from those channels is helpful, working in partnership with Marketing. Teams reporting into you include all customer-facing roles, spread across 3 main teams, and several specialist teams. That’s 140 people across 4 offices, so your people leadership should be one of caring, empathy, coaching, and developing people.
You will be the CEO’s extended voice in inspiring your teams and team leaders to give the “Ritz Carlton/Private Bank” experience to our clients at the volume and urgency of a 911 call center. We are in two states and soon to be in 4 so your playbook should contain a great way to effectively manage and lead teams remotely.
Expected Outcomes:
Create an exceptional customer experience journey
  • Define our strategy, metrics, and goals for best-in-class customer experience, whether that’s NPS, CSAT, CES, churn, retention,
  • We currently get about 20,000 inbound calls from patients per week. Your job will be to make sure there is no more than a 5-second hold time for each of those 20k calls (our current average is 11 seconds). We want to retire our overflow answering
  • Our goal is for 99% of those 20k callers to have a “one call ” No transferring, etc.
  • Our current Google review rating by thousands of reviewers is 4.7/5 -- how can you bring that 4.9/5?
  • Streamline and improve the onboarding experience (from first call to starting on care)
  • But obviously the best customer service is when you do such a good job in your mobile app and training of your members that they don’t need to call. So reducing the number of calls per member by 20% is a goal we will strive
  • With all these goals, your role would be to co-create the strategy, define a high bar and the metrics to get there, bringing your expertise and enthusiasm to the
Build exceptional teams
  • Most solutions are a mix of having the right people in the right seats with the right technology which is configured in the right way and So you’ll need to excel in hiring, managing, and training people, and also using technology creatively to achieve our goals.
  • When surveyed, your 140 reports would rate our client as the best place to work and you as the best leader they ever
Grow our business
  • We currently convert 5% of our unqualified leads into This is great considering the 3-month onboarding process but we think with the right focus this can be brought to 10%.
  • Increase our member retention by 20%.
  • We’re also growing, so everything you create will need to be reassessed ongoing as we continue to grow and
Your Background:
If I could make up your background I would start your career as a manager of a 911 call center (shows you know how to have high urgency call center).
Then you got a job managing a call center for Ritz Carlton, Disney, Zappos, or a private bank (which shaped your view on what exceptional service is).
Then you took a job working at Salesforce.com and got your Salesforce Admin license. And you have experience at a fast-growing startup so you’re used to creating and reinventing processes and systems ongoing.
Then again, you may have developed these capabilities in any number of other work experiences, but you can see the types of experiences we think you may need in order to help us create a best-in-class customer experience machine.
  • Minimum 10-15 years of experience in operations in progressively responsible roles
  • Minimum 5-7 years experience managing others (including managing managers)
  • Demonstrated ability to lead effectively and grow high-functioning teams
  • Experience in a fast-growth environment preferred
  • Prior experience owning data and metrics;
  • Demonstrated experience leveraging metrics to improve customer service while also improving employee happiness
  • Bachelor’s degree