General Manager in Training-Toronto

Blue Shock Executive Search

A rock star General Manager or AGM ready for the next step of development.

  • Quarterly Forecast of Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, Labour, Controllables, Profit Before Fixed Costs, EBITDA, and Cashflow.
  • Yearly location specific Marketing Plans – (Budgeting with all allocated dollars down to the penny.)
  • Execution of above and hitting set targets.
  • Determining People needs for the FOH, Kitchen, and Leadership grids.
  • Plan monthly training and development of all FOH and Kitchen Partners.
  • Execution of weekly individual development sessions with Leadership team.
  • Personally recruit, select, and hire all Kitchen Partners.
  • Personally train all new FOH partners (Servers, Expo’s, Hostesses, Bartenders, and Setters) to set the highest standard in each area and hold each partner accountable for their areas of responsibility.
  • Monthly Profit and Loss Analysis and presentation with goals and objectives for all areas with improvements needed.
  • Weekly Sales, Labour, Controllable, and Profit analysis with game plans to improve areas of concern.
  • Weekly Food, Liquor, Wine, and Beer Inventory.
  • Weekly analysis of high cost food items “Usage Reports”.
  • Weekly analysis of LWB usages in comparison to sales mix.
  • Weekly analysis and update of Food Order Guide and Prep Charts to ensure Food Quality, Sales, and Profits (Food Cost).
  • Check Food Coolers, Production Line, and Preparation Areas daily to ensure Food Quality, Cleanliness & Organization, and Safety.
  • Daily audit of all proteins usages based on inventory and sales mix to protect against theft.
  • Daily audit of all sauces, soups, and salad dressings to ensure quality and recipe execution.
  • Daily audit of all prepped products weights to ensure that the customer is getting exactly what they pay for, no less, no more.
  • Work on the floor with a “Maitre’d” type attitude taking care of every guest as though they were the mother of a girl they were going to ask to marry them!
  • Talk to every customer in the dining room on the busiest nights.
  • Daily audit of Sales/Cash/Labour system to ensure that people are paid for when they are working and no longer.
  • Daily audit of all “cash” transactions so that the GM knows where every penny spent is going.