Country Manager - Belize

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ttg has been engaged by one of its key clients to find their next Country Manager for Belize, based in Belize City.

  • Extrajudicial  Collection & Recovery
  • Judicial Process
  • REO´s Management
Country Manager, Belize City, Belize                    

Company Summary
ttg has been engaged by one of its key clients to find their next Country Manager for Belize, based in Belize City.
Our client manages an international fund that specializes in both managing and servicing distressed assets in the mortgage sector.
It creates solutions for its clients in the in the following areas:
  • Extrajudicial  Collection & Recovery,
  • Judicial Process, and
  • REO´s Management

Duties and Responsibilities
An executive level manager who has authority for making decisions and implementing programs to ensure the effective provision of administrative, financial and legal services that the company offers.
  • Coordinates the Collection Department with the main goals are:
    • Restructure non-performing loans,
    • Collect installment payments for the performing loans, and
    • Serve with high quality customer service agents.
  • Coordinates the legal department which does the follow ups with the hired local law firms to ensure that delinquent loans go through the local judicial process up to repossession.
  • Coordinates the REO´s (Real Estate Owned) department which is in charge of the maintenance of the repossessed properties as well as the selling of them through real Estate Agents, and realtors.
  • Facilitates strategic and operational planning and implementation processes to assure that management is knowledgeable of process, goals, objectives and strategies.
  • Ensures that all departmental goals are met by communicating management objectives to all areas and by providing feedback in relation to these goals.
  • Developing the policies and programs of planning and evaluation of the loans collection and recovery.
  • Maintaining a high level of competency within the branch.
  • Reporting information to Ascendancy´s headquarters about collection, loan applications, and legal advances and monitoring sales of REO’s.

  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent in a Business or Legal related field
  • Prior Mortgage Financing experience highly desirable
  • Prior Real Estate management experience is valuable but not required
  • Prior P&L responsibility is required
  • Able to create a work culture that is highly engaged, committed, and achieves desired results
  • Good understanding of local legal framework of the mortgage industry highly desirable