Onsite Project Manager

Excel Talent Solutions

The Project Manager (PM) will be responsible for the overall execution of the project!

  • 5+ years' experience in the parcel industry as a functional project manager.
  • PMP certification is preferred.
  • Remote/Virtual option available.
The Project Manager (PM) is responsible for the organization of all project related activities and communications that will ensure the successful execution of the project. The center of this planning will be the project schedule. This will be the marching orders for all project related activities and the guideline to ensure the project is proceeding on plan. The PM will be the chief conduit for communication from the customer and to the related parties within the company including any sub-contractors who have been assigned to carry out project activities. The PM will be responsible to develop the invoicing schedule, to ensure that cash flow is adequately maintained during the course of the Project.  
  • The ability to work with other departments and subcontractors in an effective and productive manner.
  • The ability to effectively communicate with the customer.
  • The ability to schedule and maintain engineering activities for projects.
  • The ability to develop solutions to installation and other mechanical issues. 
  • The ability to communicate and collaborate with others and other departments. 
  • The ability to analyze progress and determine issues in the schedule in a timely manner. 
  • The ability to recruit and evaluate talent to grow the department. 
  • Willingness to travel as required. 
  • The ability to juggle multiple tasks and changing priorities. 
  • To be results focused. 
  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) 
  • 5+ years’ experience in the industry or related. 
  • Experience managing a department or focused work team. 
  • Experience with high level scheduling. 
  • Experience working with customers in planning and troubleshooting issues. 
  • Experience in coordinating department activities with other departments.