Project Manager - Technology Systems

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The Project Manager is responsible for overseeing and executing assigned projects consistent with the strategy of the PMO!

  • Project Management: 7-10 years, PMP preferred.
  • Technical/Project Engineering: 5+ years
  • Industry: 10-15 years
The Project Manager is responsible for overseeing and executing assigned projects consistent with the strategy of the Project Management Execution Office within the resource capability of the company.  The Project Manager shall advise leadership and/or business executives about the status and resource loading of assigned projects across the company.

The Project Manager will plan, direct, and ensure the successful outcome of projects utilizing the assigned project teams, as well as standards, practices, and toolsets established within the PMEO site specific requirements or Project Management leader.  

Principal Accountabilities:
  • Skilled presenter in communicating team objectives to ensure buy-in and understanding, and in leading reviews and discussions in kick-off meetings, project reviews, customer meetings and public forums
  • Demonstrated ability in compiling and analyzing data and presenting project progress to management.  Communicates team objectives to ensure buy-in and understanding
  • Sound working knowledge of project triple constraints and demonstrated ability to make basic trade-offs that produce a positive project outcome. 
  • Documents and communicates the impact of change orders with operations and clients
  • Understands both process-based and deliverables-based Work Breakdown Structure and its application
  • Demonstrated ability to translate work breakdown structure into an activity-based schedule, identify critical path, and track progress towards completing critical milestones. Understands and correctly prepares for scheduling milestone reviews. Working knowledge of advanced tools and techniques for evaluating project progress
  • Ability to identify basic resource needs (headcount, level of effort) necessary to meet scope and schedule commitments. Communicates resource needs to the assigned internal functional managers responsible for assigning project resources (Systems, Engineering, Field Services, etc.)
  • Able to effectively define, track, and negotiate cost budgets and revisions in response to project performance
  • Ability to apply tools and techniques and anticipates changes based on lessons learned. Demonstrated ability to define project risks and develop risk register with priority rankings. Develops the appropriate contingency or risk mitigation plans during all project phases
  • Demonstrated ability to use metrics as key component of managing project execution
  • Good understanding of CIP and LEAN principles and methodologies.  Capable of leading CIP and LEAN project initiatives.  Demonstrated proficiency in applying tools and techniques and arriving at an appropriate resolution
  • Demonstrated sound working knowledge of the procurement processes and functional role procurement plays in the execution of work.  Experienced in managing the make/buy discussions and decisions.  Experienced in negotiating with and managing supplier performance
  • Clear understanding of customer contract terms & conditions and the implication to the risk profile of the project.  Demonstrated capability in negotiation skills and techniques.  Experience in active negotiations with Customers and in relating impact to company business model
  • Demonstrated clear understanding of the principles and strategies for successful implementation of a program approach.  Demonstrated ability to manage concurrent projects with moderate level of interdependencies
  • Good working knowledge of the principles and practices of Portfolio Management.  Demonstrated ability to implement project prioritization methods necessary to meet strategic business objectives and manages routine re-prioritization of projects
  • Understands responsibilities and defines performance expectations for the project team.  Ensures efficient execution of all project, process and systems-related efforts while driving continuous improvement
  • Good working knowledge of the work process principles, methodologies and strategies.  Capable of developing work processes and associated procedures that result in effective execution of work
  • Understands the value of effective two-way communication.  Demonstrated proficiency in listening skills and in effective communication at all levels of the project.  Capable of leading meetings/discussions with customer as well as company management across all aspects of project execution
  • Demonstrated ability to lead by example in influencing others regarding decisions and outcome of work activities
  • Plans and manages diversity in a variety of scenarios.  Sensitive to the norms of diverse cultures and beliefs with demonstrated ability to lead a diverse team
  • Demonstrated proficiency in analyzing stakeholder expectations and managing outcomes.  Capable of working through conflicts to achieve project objectives
  • Proficient in assessing, analyzing and evaluating issues and making timely decisions at multiple levels within the organization
  • Demonstrated capability to analyze the situation/issue, stay focused on objective, and achieve success in negotiating on project issues
  • Demonstrated ability to provide guidance and general leadership to the team
  • Good working knowledge of strategic principles and techniques.  Able to work with management to drive the understanding of the strategic vision and holds others accountable for achieving the vision
  • Strong working ability to apply fundamentals and make appropriate decisions.  Accurately forecasts project cash flow, revenue, profitability, margins, bill rates and resource utilization
  • Good understanding of the market place and ability to take market perspectives and improve the execution of project performance
  • Good working knowledge of client’s products and services.  Capable of effectively articulating these to others (including the customer)
  • Working knowledge of the selling principles and role of project manager in same.  Proactively participates in selling process to the customer.  Ability to add value to the sales process when needed.
  • Works with management to set, develop and manage client's expectations.  Capable of leading the relationship development with the client.  Provides direction to others to achieve business objectives
  • Encourages and expects employees to work together effectively across matrixed teams, countries, functions, etc.  Leverages unique backgrounds, fosters development of working relationships within the project and company
  • Proficient in viewing systems, tools and processes holistically in the analysis of project issues and development of solutions
  • Creates working environment for openness and demonstrates integrity always.  Follows appropriate channels to escalate concerns when necessary
  • Sets the example and demonstrates sound business ethics within the company.  Understands the company and client's ethical standards
  • Challenges others to look at new ways and approaches.  Motivates others to respectfully challenge current thinking and work collaboratively to improve work methods and approaches
Education and Experience:
  • Knowledge of fundamentals of project management
  • Proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget
  • Excellent estimating, scheduling and budgeting skills
  • Ability to independently identify and resolve project issues
  • Proven experience in influencing and leading
  • Proven experience in risk management
  • Proven experience in change management
  • Excellent presentation, oral and written communication skills, including meeting and workshop facilitation experience
  • Excellent team-building, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills
  • Enthusiasm, positive energy and motivated
  • Proficient in project management software
EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering desired
Certifications: Desired PMP