Chief of Staff/Executive Assistant

The Hire Standard

Support the daily operational requirements for the Principal, with a focus on detail, time management, accuracy, and timeliness.

The Hire Standard is actively seeking a resourceful, mission-driven, and highly skilled Executive Assistant who will support a leading-edge climate and sustainability Psychologist in Marin County. 

As an Executive Assistant, you will take on a diverse range of high-level administrative and events and project management duties to ensure seamless operations of the Principal and the organization. You have excellent collaboration and communication skills, remain focused and calm under pressure, and are passionate about climate change and sustainability psychology, and enjoy working across public, private, research, and philanthropic sectors and support a new initiative developing engagement tools and resources for the sustainability and climate sectors.

  • Managing the Day-to-Day scheduling and administrative support tasks, and ensuring necessary details (directions, reservations, parking recommendations, background materials, etc.) in advance of appointments and meetings.
  • As an executive assistant, you will support the daily operational requirements for the Principal, with a focus on detail, time management, accuracy, and timeliness to ensure productivity and effective closures.

Direct Support
  • Acting as the communication arm for the Principal with other team members in the organization, partners, freelancers, and clients
  • Writing first drafts of proposals, emails, letters, etc
  • Schedule management, appointments, scheduling, etc
  • Strategically managing the Principal time: looking at the long/medium and short term calendar, evaluating opportunities, and determining fit with priorities
Media, Social Media, and Comms Support
  • Reviewing Internal and External Communications: drafting newsletters, reports, pitch decks, speeches, or presentations for the Principal (or supervising vendors)
  • Drafting social media posts
  • Updating website
  • Sending newsletters
  • Liaise with media requests
  • Prepping for media interviews - prepping the Principal and interviewee effectively
  • Writing first drafts of proposals, emails, letters, etc
Meeting & Event Preparation
  • Meeting preparation and follow up: reviewing upcoming meetings for the week to ensure the Principal has all of the information needed to be as productive as possible and sending out agendas or documents to meeting attendees as necessary
  • Attending meetings and calls on the Principal’s behalf or as support, as needed
  • Taking notes during meetings and making sure that the action items from the meeting are executed
  • Research and prep the Principal on participants and projects involved in upcoming events and brief appropriately
Project Management
  • Overseeing projects or initiatives
  • Creating and managing project roadmaps and timelines
  • Ensuring the Principal’s involvement in the right projects at the right moment
  • Acting as the sounding board for the Principal for new ideas and initiatives
  • Creating systems and processes to streamline operations
  • Conduct initial research and literature review relating to key projects as needed
Network & Pipeline Management
  • Managing and gatekeeping incoming requests and queries
  • Tracking leads, pipeline, and conversations
  • Organizing contacts and network
  • Managing and scheduling follow up meetings and calls
Hiring and Management
  • Leading hiring processes: drafting & posting job descriptions, outlining an interview process, and screening candidates for roles reporting to the Principal
  • Office of the Principal’s team management: hires and directly manages others in the Principal’s employment. This may include designers, special projects managers, bookkeepers, or others
  • Acting as the facilitator for the Principal’s other team (subcontractors). This means being able to communicate wants, needs, concerns, ideas from employee to boss in an effective and efficient way
  • You must have had at least 3 years of experience of being an Executive Assistant with Project Management experience, with busy executive-level individuals 
  • Highly detailed-oriented; excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Have a collaborative and partnership-oriented work style 
  • You must be familiar with GSuite, PPT, light WordPress, Mailchimp, substack, etc 
  • Strong relational skills, EQ, humor, self-awareness, and ability to work flexibly
  • Interested in climate change and psychology, as a leading-edge field 
  • Based in the SF Bay Area 
  • Experience in supporting a public figure 
  • Interest in and knowledge of sustainability/climate space 
  • Experience in the corporate sustainability / ESG sector 
  • Masters in related fields (sustainability, business, comms)
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