Senior Executive Assistant

The Hire Standard

Responsible for providing experienced professional support to one or more senior executives, working closely with all of senior management.

The Executive Assistant is responsible for providing experienced professional support to one or more senior
executives, working closely with all of senior management and other administrative professionals throughout the
firm to ensure that the business runs smoothly.

Who you are
You keep a cool head while managing multiple projects with minimal direction and working under tight time
constraints. Your keen attention to detail keeps you organized. You are skilled at learning standard operating
procedures and policies quickly—then improving on them as you see opportunities to streamline work and

Your ability to build great relationships, your judgement and attentiveness to privacy and confidentiality are keys
to your success. You’re not only skilled at communicating through different channels (1-1, meetings, phone/video
calls, email and even instant messaging), you can choose the most appropriate channel for the message and its
time constraints. You can handle inbound communications through those channels without getting overwhelmed.

You always represent your executives with professionalism, tact and discretion. Above all, you’re a master at
prioritizing your own work and enabling your executives to prioritize the activities that generate the greatest value
for the firm.

What you’ll bring
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or related field preferred
  • 5+ years previous experience as an Executive Assistant (typically implies 7+ years general administrative
  • Experience in Real Estate, Investment Management, Legal or Financial teams is a plus
  • Proven expert abilities across the MS Office/Office 365 suite, especially Outlook, Word, Excel and
  • Multitasking ability across multiple applications and communications channels: drop-in’s appointments,
    phone calls, email, IM, text, workgroup apps, social platforms, etc.
  • Previous experience with enterprise level business, accounting and HR systems (such as Oracle, Concur,
    Ultipro, etc.)
  • Finesse, diplomacy, and a high level of professionalism in handling personal contacts, including extensive
    contact with key business partners and investors
  • Skill, compliance, judgment and discretion in keeping highly sensitive data and information confidential
    (personal, private and proprietary information)
  • Reliability in delivering committed work items when promised with the quality required
  • Flexibility in being available to support the executive when/where needed