Power Careers LLC

Site-specific, full time Electrician roles working in data center environments maintaining, repairing and installing electrical distribution systems

  • Electrician
  • Journeyman Electrician
  • Licensed Master Electrician
Multiple Full Time/Permanent Roles
Mission Critical Facility Support-Site Specific
Baltimore MD & Surrounding Region

Now Hiring Industrial, Commercial, Data Center and Field Service Electricians
Paygrades ranging from Journeyman Electrician, to Licensed Master Electrician to Electrical Field Supervisor

Compensation Ranges Depend on Experience Ratings: $30-$50/hr
Power Careers LLC is confidentially seeking qualified Electricians and Electrical Field Service Technicians to improve their workplace culture and work for a phenomenal employer that specializes in mission critical building operations. These site-specific, full time Electrician roles will have you working in data center environments maintaining, repairing and installing electrical distribution systems support mission critical equipment and buildings. Equipment services include working with control panels, UPS, generators, PLCs, transformers, transfer switches, ATS, switchgear, motors, relays, breaker panels, batteries, etc. Testing and modification of this equipment as skill level dictates.  Higher levels of this role will be involved in supervising all repair and work done on building’s power distribution systems and could also include oversight of building’s power supply for HVAC or cooling systems.  
Our client understands that your work is only as good as the support your employer provides to you.  Whether this support means training, great perks like a company vehicle, or even just showing up at the site when you need added support or training!

With a full compliment of benefits (Health/Dental/401K/Paid Vacations/Retention Bonuses), let us show you how to improve your career and your career trajectory by working for an employer that has learned to appreciate employees in a way that most employers have forgotten about.  Remember what it feels like to have honest communication, be paid for performance, and have your boss recognize when down time is needed!
Ideally you may have worked for a Power Distribution OEM (we do also need subject matter experts SMEs), or perhaps an electrical testing company, a power equipment refurb outfit, or an electrical contractor?  Perhaps you work for another firm focusing on power systems support in the data center space, or perhaps you are transitioning from the Navy, Army, Air Force Coast Guard with an electrical power background? Either way, we want to talk to you, confidentially of course!
Added pluses are previous data center power systems support experience, equivalent utility experience, manufacturers training on power distribution equipment, previous tenure working with/maintaining UPS and all other critical building equipment as related to mission critical environments/data center operational support!
Why work with us at Power Careers as opposed to other firms? 
The biggest value we bring to you as a potential candidate is our ACCESS to employers, our ABILITY to technically vet skill set matches and our EXPERTISE when considering your employment offer package.  By access, we mean the industry relationships we have cultivated with Presidents, Owners and Operations Executives across the country who reach out to us daily with their talent needs.  Here is a rundown of advantages you gain by working with our firm.

-We are experts in this Niche. We know the equipment-makes, models and manufacturers and all the needs happening in mission critical markets right now.
-We have longstanding relationships with companies across the United States.  This gives us the ability to make candidate recommendations to top level decision makers and navigate cumbersome internal recruitment processes.
-We keep your candidacy 100% confidential letting you have peace of mind that you can explore your options while currently employed.
At a minimum, connect with me on LinkedIn!
Logan Ridlen, Project Manager at Power Careers LLC
Worried about the security of your resume, email me directly!
“I am a Project Manager at Power Careers LLC. We support mission critical power, electrical power, energy, renewable energy, data center and construction industries. This includes power generation, power distribution, power transmission, power quality, back-up power, packaged power, power protection and control, electrical testing, power equipment maintenance, acceptance testing, commissioning, and start-ups.”
Mission critical facilities electricians to data center technicians specific to critical power and environment operations of large-scale site operations, this may be your employer for life!