Intensive Care Unit RN

ADN Healthcare

NOW HIRING! Intensive Care Unit RN in Saint Joseph, MO

Job Type: Direct
  • 12 Hour Nights
  • Sign-On Bonus:
    $2,500 for RNs with 3 to 4 years of experience
    $5,000 for RNs with 5+ years of experience
    First half of Bonus to be paid out after 90 days and the rest after one year
  • 15% diff for night shift
  • 8% diff for working weekend shifts
General Job Duties

Skill set and competency to care for the critically ill.

Equipment utilized in the unit/dept: Ventilators, bipaps, ICP monitoring, Ventriculostomies, Swan Ganz catheters/SVO2 catheters, Arterial lines, Chest tubes, temporary,permanent transcutaneous pacemakers, Abdominal pressure monitoring system, EKOS catheters and systems, IABP, Impella. entire system is computerized charting, medication scanning.

  • Critical care skill set and competencies to care for patients that require utilization of the equipment used above.
  • Minimum of 2 years, 3 years or greater preferred
  • ACLS, BLS, TNCC, NIHSS certification

Schedule: 12 hours shifts, every third weekend, will never work alone, no call required, holidays as determined by Director.

Floating to other units/departments: Yes, ICU agency caregivers do float to inpatient units.
Bed Size: 21 ICU beds

Nurse to patient ratio of this unit. (nursing only): Typically 1 nurse with 2 patients.