EEG Tech

ADN Healthcare

NOW HIRING! EEG Tech in Omaha, NE

Job Type: Direct

Job Description

Perform routine EEG studies on inpatient and outpatients from neonate to geriatric.  Long-term video monitoring hook-ups and maintenance, WADA procedures and assistance with intraoperative EEG procedures.

Equipment utilized in the unit/dept.: Natus/Xltek EEG equipment. Standard office PC

  • Minimum 1 year EEG experience.
  • Experience in long-term video monitoring and Intraoperative EEG recording helpful.
  • BLS required. 
  • ABRET-EEG registration preferred
Shift or schedule requirements: M-F  days with varying hours between 7am and 6pm. Will work independent with call rotated between four other techs during weeknights and weekends. 

Floating to over units/departments: May float to sister hospital Bellevue Medical Center on occasion for inpatient EEG and on-call coverage.

Bed size/number of rooms for this unit/dept: Approximately 600 beds.  The EEG lab has a 3 room outpatient testing area and a 8 bed inpatient Epilepsy Monitoring Unit.

One day hospital orientation.  Department orientation will consist of shadowing technologists from 1-2 weeks to become familiar with the hospital.  Competency check-off by senior EEG Technologist to in 10-20 hook-up and routine EEG acquisition and basic record review.