Software Analyst- Int

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Looking for an experienced C Software Analyst who has knowledge of architecture and safety critcal software

To perform design, analysis, programming and integration activities in the development of software for train control systems of our clients systems 
Key Accountabilities:
• Understands and follows the company's processes and procedures for developing vital software.
• Implements real time systems in 'C' and Assembler
• Designs, codes, debugs, write test procedures and tests software code.
• Reviews code, test procedures and test results
• Analyses and implements correction for defect reports
• Perform engineering testing in-house.
  • 3-7 years od relevant working experience
  • Proficient in C and Assembler
  • Knowledge of software development environment (desktop simulator, target simular, mccabe, etc.)
  • Knowledge of software architecture
  • Knowledge of standards and processes as described in departmental software Developer's Guide and applicable to the development of safety critical software.
Education:     B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent
Please email if interested!